Providing Consulting Service for Building Information System to Improve Company’s Competitive Power.
experience and methodologies
Reasonable results based on diverse experience and methodologies
  • Analysis and suggestions based on the optimized methodology.
  • Deriving Improvement based on user experience.
  • Based on Big data analysis, combine customer behavior, trend, pattern, and market preference with LIME Service, and provide a successful business plan.
building connectivity
Reserve building connectivity of the effective system
  • Building immediate system and produce process-reflecting results.
  • Suggest a standardization based on the highest safety, scalability, and availability.
  • Composing optimal infrastructure by professional architecture.
  • Suggest the advanced technology and application of solution.
  • Analyzing Prediction/Streaming/ and Cluster through Big Data, and deriving correct and reliable data.
After Service and technical know-how
Support After Service, and technical know-how
  • Providing "Consulting - System Construction - Maintenance" process so that we can maintain the service.
  • Professional technical consulting based on responsibility, sincerity and trust.
  • Providing technical skills and know-how based on real experience.