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We, Lime Company are here to plan & design the information systems required by various business partners, and we are specialized in not only developing customized program but also maintaining and repairing of the system.

In accordance with our basic strategy of developing a solution-oriented “System Integration” business, we are concentrating on diversifying our business across every industrial field, such as public institutions, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. And all these are based on various business experiences and technologiesin the future IT industry, SI, Consulting, and IT outsourcing.

Especially from 2010, we have been developing various solutions, focusing on R&D of financial systems, and now we are aiming to become an enterprising company, that challenges the best systems and planning, under the philosophy of “Be the best at any field” ever since our foundation in the year of 2011.

We promise to provide you with the best opportunities with our diverse experience, so that we will be able to do our best.